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Bujilli: Series Four Index

A Quick Introduction to Series Four
Bujilli and Leeja finally having gotten some rest, leave Idvard's Keep and go running through the rain to visit Schroedinger & Cave's shop. They receive grudging payment for returning stolen property and over hear something that they probably weren't supposed to on the way out. They go find a place to wait out the rain and Bujilli starts putting the pieces together. Bujilli's introspection is interrupted by more shooting and a gang of Feral Children. Leeja gets bitten. Bujilli carries her back to the Academy, with a little help from Hedrard. Then they are thrust into a decommissioned underground Arena for Leeja's Entrance Exam. They confront an angry spirit from the bad old days. Then in the midst of everything Bujilli is summoned away from Wermspittle to confront a few lingering loose ends from his own past. He is ambushed by Yeren, tested by a demoness, betrayed by his uncle, avenged by his mother's spirit and he finally meets his father...sort of...

Quick Index to Series Four (Episodes 50-68)

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July 2014 RPG Blog Carnival Wrap-Up

It's nearly Midnight, but instead of turning into a pumpkin or whatever, here's the Wrap-Up Post for the July 2014 RPG Blog Carnival.

The theme this month was Invasive Species. We had nine excellent entries, not counting our own contributions; two of which were by Leicester. Thanks to all of you who participated in this month's RPG Blog Carnival. It was quite a lot of fun to read all the very well written and thought provoking entries.

Leicester's Ramble gave us four minor amphibious horrors that have shown up in the kingdom recently. The Rage Salamander, Thunder Frogs and Pustule Toads are bad enough, then you get the Bleeding Caecillian...ouch!

The Githyanki Diaspora blog provided a means of customizing a Githyanki Invasion using 6d6 to suit your campaign. The Githyanki are one of the truly classic Invasive Species to come out of gaming, and this is a fun set of tables just begging to be used.

The MindWeave Role-Playing Platform featured the Tulkem, a reptilian invasive species that aggressively take over territory by expanding swampland and flooding-out their neighbors and competitors.

Tower of the Archmage released their first issue of their brand-new RPG-zine The Archmage's Octavo and this inaugural issue happens to feature an invasive species! It's a free pdf, so you've got nothing to lose by checking it out, and besides it's really good stuff. There's also a map by Dyson Logos in this issue, so you know it has a great map to go with the new monster, and did I mention there are rules for handling Carousing as Magical Research for Wizards? Go Get it.

Leicester's Ramble featured a fun bit of flash fiction as a second-helping of invasive species goodness. It reminded me a bit of the old Twilight Zone and Outer Limits stories, in a good way. I'm still hoping to read another new installment of Farthing and Tig!

Over at the World Builder Blog they were Preparing for the Invasion and featured the half-devil/half-aberrant Morchia and the mind-controlling parasitic Mystauk, both statted-up for the new 5th Edition rules. Both are excellent monsters and worth taking a look at and could be converted over to another edition fairly easily.

Tales of a GM blog told us all about an intriguing invasive species...a giant albino leech that served a player character as an animal companion! I enjoyed this post a great deal as it would fit right in with Wermspittle in a heart-beat.

Eric's Gaming Pulse took on the task of presenting humanity as an invasive species in space. He raises some interesting points and postulates a setting where more highly advanced aliens hire-on humans as their preferred interstellar workforce since humans require less intensive life support systems than other species. There's some real magic to this premise and you really need to read his post if you're at all interested in a fun scifi twist on the invasive species premise.

Porky delivered a very sparse but effective set of rules for adding financiers into the mix at the table in The Rule of the Jungle and the Self-Invasive Species. It reminded me a little bit of Sir A.C. Doyle's The Lost World and similar stories along those lines where there is always someone with money getting involved, the rich investor who backs an expedition only to force their way on board and try to run things...this is another very well thought-out post well worth your time to read it over and consider how it might fit into your game.

As for ourselves, we posted about the Black Zones, a few Aquatic Terrors for Gus L., Six Nasty Things from the Black Zones, Sickly Yellow Phantoms, Killing Frost, our Third Sewer Encounter table, the Fleshwrought Servitors of Varug, a set of paper minis for the Rilligong, a set of paper minis including several very invasive species such as the Yelg Froth, Bugs, Stompers and there was a picture of a Mucoid included in the photo of our work-space that we posted for Jack. We also did a new robot T-shirt, but those 'bots aren't particularly invasive, so never mind that.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in this month's RPG Blog Carnival!
Next Month's Theme is: Devious Dungeons and the Host will be: Mindweave Role-Playing.

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Bujilli: Episode 100

Bujilli and Leeja were brought before the Queen of the Soulless by an ancient killing-machine. There before the Throne of Opals they watched as representatives and agents of the Triumvirate, who may or may not be the secret masters of Wermspittle, argued among one another even as Outside Forces laid siege to the remnants of the ancient Redoubt. The Soulless Queen was betrayed by her Grandmother who was conspiring with a Morlock Elder-Gardener to reactivate or reconfigure the cubic World Engine. The Queen escaped and Gazbonti the Jester now offers Bujilli and Leeja an opportunity to escape using a Synchronocitor*...

Gazbonti adjusted his grip on his severed head. Having been summarily decapitated by the Queen's Grandmother didn't seem to inconvenience him very much.

He drew back a cloth-of-gold covering, revealing a strange mechanism lying there on top of the cubic altar-table-object.

Bujilli recognized it. A Synchronocitor. After all this time he had finally found one. Now he wasn't so sure he wanted one. He wasn't trying to run away, not like he had been when he had allowed the Gem to guide him. The Gem had taught him many things. Whispered to him in his sleep, shown him things in his dreams; lied to him in the pursuit of some unfathomable scheme he still did not understand.

He hesitated. He wasn't sure taking-up this mechanism and using it to flee the Throne Room was the best option.


"Looking a gift-horse in the mouth, eh?" Gazbonti nodded sagely as he laughed sinisterly. It was difficult to trust this weird harlequin figure. Bujilli knew nothing of him...or those whom he truly served...

"Let's get out of here!" Hissed Leeja. She was past caring about the niceties and details--she could see that it was only a matter of time before Very Bad Things would start to happen to both of them.


The chamber vibrated under the impact. Bujilli reached out. Gazbonti grinned, nodded eagerly; his eyes glittering with irony and malice. Leeja lashed out at the Jester, her claws raking red lines across his face.

"Wait!" She knocked Bujilli's hand aside.

Gazbonti laughed loudly, then took on a mock-sober expression as he whispered; "You're running out of time."

He then watched the dribble of blood running from the furrows cut into his pasty flesh. The wounds sealed. Healed. Left no trace. He stuck out his obscenely long and curling tongue as his hands lifted his head back into place between his shoulders. It settled back into place with a loud, disgusting sucking noise.


"I must be going." Gazbonti bowed, fluttering a blood-speckled hand-kerchief as he bent so far over at the waist that he very nearly brushed the floor with his pointy nose. The over-sized green finch fluttered down beside him and he leaped into the saddle.

"I suggest you get moving children. Those two have terrible dispositions even when they aren't in the midst of a temper tantrum. You'd do well to get out of here before--"


 "Alas and alack--the moment of unquiet desperation is upon us. Hiyo Yorick! Away!" Green wings snapped into motion and Gazbonti was carried onwards and upwards to disappear behind rib-like arches and a jumble of strange protrusions dangling from the domed ceiling overhead.

"Do we have any alternative to this...thing?" Leeja gripped Bujilli's wrist tightly.

"Not really. The portal we entered by is guarded by a Manshonyagger. Who knows how long we could wander about this place looking for some sort of exit..."

"You have no spells you could use?"

"No. Not really. Nothing that would do much more than make things worse, really..."

"Then let's use this Synchronocitor-thing. You seemed to recognize it when the Jester first offered it to you."

"I...have been told about such things by an...unreliable source."

"It is supposed to take you where you want to go, right?"


"Fine. Let's use it to go to Hedrard and Lemuel. Directly. That ought to solve our current predicament and give us a chance to get the jump on whomever has abducted our friends."

"I..." Bujilli considered Leeja's plan. It made sense. But he had a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach.



"Now!" Leeja yelled.

Bujili reached out. Gripped the Synchronocitor. Lifted it overhead.

The staff-like mechanism gurgled. Shimmered. Awoke in his hands, insinuated itself into his mind by way of his flesh:


Bujilli closed his eyes. He recalled the impressions he had received through his link to Lemuel**. He didn't trust the words, the message with the directions that he'd been given. He knew all too well how such things could be subject to coercion; he'd fought Yeren who were notorious for such tricks and he had no intention of falling for such possible subterfuge.

There was a blinking green oval rotating in his field of vision. The Synchronocitor was ready to make the transition.

Bujilli took Leeja by the hand. She smiled. He nodded. The Synchronocitor shivered, went ice cold.

They faded out from the Throne Room just as all hell broke loose and swarms of killing machines and other shapes stormed into the place.

Everything lurched suddenly. Sharply.

A flash of emerald green.

Wind shrieked and howled around them. A lurid red sky loomed overhead. Flickering lines of psychically-charged force raced frenetically around the rim of a circular space in an attempt to capture them. Prancing, capering shapes emanated a deep and abiding hunger for their souls, their minds, their individuality. The Synchronocitor jerked hard over to the right, nearly tearing free from Bujilli's grip. Blackness bloomed all around them. Shattered sigils and screaming geometries collapsed into oblivion then everything twisted along the yelgic axis. They were suspended between the Yr-Nhhngr and Ydmos. They glimpsed the dim outline of Yian-Ho and felt the subcutaneous vibrations of the singing flame. Another shift and a green-lit plain flowed off into infinity before them. Then it ended. Abruptly.

Silence. Darkness. The synchronocitor was inert, though covered in frost that was already beginning to melt.

Five faint circles of light faded out, one after the other in rapid succession.

They had arrived.

Cold wind shrieked past them. Ominous clouds boiled in rage overhead. Lightning splintered the night as thunder rolled across the darkness. They were at the top-most point of a vast tower, a huge ruined pile that was a jumbled and sloppily-stacked mess of architectural layers and levels that stretched down below them for what could only be miles and miles.

"You came. Saints look away. You damn fool kids came after us." Hedrard hung her head. Passed out. Her chains held her upright.

"Release us." Lemuel moaned, barely audible over the wind.

A round hatch began to rotate as it rose from the bare, stone floor.

A flash of lightning. Bujilli could see that this space was essentially a flattened trapezoid with five crude menhirs set at the points. Lemuel and Hedrard were chained to two of the menhirs. Other shapes were slumped or suspended from the remaining stones. They might or might not be humanoid...

Leeja looked to Bujilli; "Now what?"

Heavy red light spilled forth from the opening hatch-way.


What should Bujill do next?

You Decide!

*The Synchronocitor was first mentioned in Episode One. It is a mechanism allowing the wielder to travel between worlds, planes and dimensions. Bujilli entered the dungeons below Zormur's Palace in search of a Synchronocitor he was led to believe could be found down there by the Gem of Muktra. The Gem of Muktra was with Bujilli from Episode One until he left it behind in the underworld below Zormur's Palace in Episode Fifteen. The Gem has since found a new companion...

** We learned that Lemuel and Hedrard were being held prisoner in Episode 93.

Welcome to our 100th Episode.

Initiative: Roll 1d6 each for (1) Bujilli, (2) Leeja, (3) Lemuel, (4) Hedrard (-2 penalty), (5) Whatever is coming up through the hatch.

As always, if you have questions or suggestions let me know in the comments, or via email.

What happens next is up to you, the readers.

You Decide!

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Stompers (Heroes and Other Worlds)

Stompers (Territorial)
#1d4; ST20  DX12 MV6; AR-1; DM 1d6; TR (Pouch, Lair X2)

Strange, mostly-reptilian beings, the Stompers appeared suddenly from seemingly nowhere and laid waste to fiefdom after fiefdom as they descended upon the fertile fields of  isolated farmsteads and baronies like a plague of locusts. What they could not immediately consume, they carried off or burned. Then winter came. The Stompers seemed to be completely unfamiliar with notion that the seasons might change, that a cold winter might follow the warmth of summer. Wherever they came from, they did not have such changeable seasons.

Unfortunately, the Stompers survived their first winter and have gone on to invade, despoil and lay waste to a host of small villages and farming communities. The people cry out for help. Surely someone, somewhere will come to their aid in this time of dire trouble...

Example Counter from Set One

Heroes & Other Worlds is a fantasy adventure game inspired by Metagaming's classic Melee/Wizard/TFT games, with some elements taken from the Moldvay edition of the oldest and largest table top RPG. The system is simple, easy to learn, very flexible and a lot of fun. It uses standard six-sided dice and can be used to revive and re-play some of those classic old adventures like Death Test...or one of the programmed adventures from Dark City Games...or to create brand new ones. There is a dedicated H&OW forum, G+ community, some nifty free resources (Including Issue 0 of The Cauldron, the official Heroes & Other Worlds fan-zine). The rules are available HERE.

We're currently working on a set of counters and an adventure for Heroes & Other Worlds that makes use of those you will be seeing the Stomper and it's cohorts in the near future.

...and yes, the Stompers are an Invasive Species, so this post is part of this month's RPG Blog Carnival.

Progress Report: July 2014

A Few of this week's Sketches
This month I managed to get a short-short story published over at 365 Tomorrows, posted another flash fiction piece inspired by a prompt from Ganymeder, and finally got all the links fixed and updated for Zeelia Episodes 1-20, as well as posting the Datadex/Appendix, and the entry for the Jarpha.

I'm going to be writing a slew of new eight-sentence-episodes for Series Two of Zeelia in the next couple of days, depending on how things go with a couple of other very time-consuming projects. The goal is to get back to posting weekly eight-sentence installments of Zeelia's continuing adventures every Saturday at my writing blog. Maybe I can get that going next week...fingers crossed.

In-between all the work on Zeelia, Bujilli (99 Episodes!), Charlotte, and the other serial currently under-production, I have a few more short stories about to go through the editorial wringer, so wish me luck. There's a couple of Wermspittle stories in the mix, and I'm working on some stuff for another site as well now that Gnosiomandus has left the Academy...I'll have more details on that in the coming weeks.

Last week I cleared-out some old designs from our Zazzle shops and uploaded a few new things, like the Stomper T-shirt...and a few things from some projects that'll be coming out in August (if all goes according to plan).

I'm still working on a few Hereticwerks projects as well...including the Octopo and Others Counter-set for Heroes & Other Worlds, A new character sheet, some more paper minis, Three New Mini-Dungeons, GL-2, Ghoulish Glyphs, and the first volume of the Blue Grimoire. I also uncovered my folder of AD&D articles that I did back in the day for Silver Griffin, including a few things that never got into print for whatever reason. I'm considering putting together an compilation pdf of this stuff...Or I might send some of it off to & Magazine.

GL-1: Taglar's Tomb (Revised & Expanded) has been doing pretty well over at RPGnow / DriveThruRPG. It looks like we're going to hit the beer-money mark just in time for my birthday, so we'll get a photo or two taken at our favorite local brew-pub as we toast all you wonderful people who have generously supported the ongoing silly-gamer-stuff we do here at Hereticwerks. Thank you, a million times over, thank you!

I also have an adventure that will be appearing in Tim Short's excellent RPG-zine The Manor issue 7...not sure if it will come out before the end of the month, but it was fun to do and I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Tomorrow we begin Series Six for Bujilli with Episode 100, then I'm taking Friday off for my birthday. Posting will be a bit sporadic for the next couple of weeks as I wrap-up a lot of work offline in order to get some more projects completed and out there.

Friday, July 25, 2014


Here's a sample image from a series of nasty little bugs who live in the dim-spaces in-between the actual sewers, tunnels and cellars...and sometimes in-between the walls of particularly disreputable or dilapidated Wermspittle and elsewhere. Not quite a cricket, not exactly a roach, they are an accidentally hybridized species who owe their unfortunate existence in no small part to random dumpings of Spectral Brine and other hazardous waste-products left behind by illicit distillers and the like. These verminous things fashion cuirasses from other creatures' cocoons or egg-husks and they are very adept at using mandible-sickles to catch and cut-off the antennae of their preferred insectine enemies...though they have developed a definite taste for the flesh of rats...which has led to some intense interstitial skirmishes between the two unter-factions...

A Few Robots More T-Shirt